Horrible Horror Podcast

A podcast about the worst of the worst in horror movies. Movies so bad they’re scary, we watch ‘em so you don’t have too.

Ep. 167 The Monster Squad (Watch along)

June 9th, 2019

This week we're trying something a little different, by actually watching a good movie and we're inviting you to watch it with us. Watch along with us as we comment, reminisce, laugh and relive our childhood as we watch the 1987 classic "The Monster Squad".

Ep.166: Slumber Party Massacre 2

May 27th, 2019

This week we're going slumming with "Slumber Party Massacre 2". A sequel that is so bad that's its nearly unfathomable. A horror movie that is more musical and product placement commercial then an actual horror movie. It features loads of terrible music, a leather clad guitar drill welding greaser killer, and more dream sequences than a "Nightmare on Elm St." movie and "Inception" combined. In the end it left us thinking what the hell did we just watch and more importantly just...why.

Ep.165: Blood Hook

May 20th, 2019

This week we're going on little fishing trip, we're baiting out hooks and fishing up "Blood Hook". This obscure mid-80's slasher is certainly one of a kind in that it may be the only fishing themed slasher movie ever made. This Troma distributed film features lots of fishing, muskies, giant killer fishing lures, music theory, cicadas and insane rants. It also has surprisingly good acting, the world's worst mother, and an awesomely crazy ending that includes a fishing stand off.

Ep.164: The Last Slumber Party

May 14th, 2019

This week we grabbed our pillows, popped some popcorn, called over all our girlfriends and had a pillow fight with "The Last Slumber Party". This 1988 straight to video slasher just may be the worst movie ever made and nearly broke Marshall. This fascinatingly terrible movie features an entire cast the seems to be doped up on Xanax, pathetic to nonexistent blood effects, horrendously bad and robotic acting and writing, and a killer that defies all the laws of science and nature and always seems look like he just snorted a line of meth. If you think you can handle this monstrosity, think again, you are not prepared.

Ep.163: Prom Night 2, Hello Mary Lou

May 6th, 2019

It's Prom season, so we're dressing to the nines, renting a limo and saving the last dance for "Prom Night 2, Hello Mary Lou". This 1987 sequel about the revenge seeking killer spirit of a dead Prom Queen, is one part "Carrie" and one part "Nightmare on Elm Street", with a pinch of "The Exorcist". This surprisingly entertaining film features awesome special effects, some great kills, mundane items that explode, and the world's worst school principal. A whoop bob a do lop, a whoop bam boom!

Ep.162: Bunni

April 29th, 2019

This week we're going back to our roots and taking on the indie-licious "Bunni". This ultra indie slasher from 2013 is a crazy mixed bag of a movie. It features all the usual suspects of a terrible movie: bad writing, horrible acting, one dimensional characters, and a shoe string budget. However, there are also some really wonderful things about his movie as well, it has good kills, a unique killer, some really good camera shots and a smoking hot leading lady. This film has us teetering like a see-saw between its awfulness and moments of sheer greatness and in the end it left us with a split decision.

Ep. 161 Bunny the Killer Thing

April 23rd, 2019

Happy Easter Moongoons, and nothing says Easter more than a giant man-rabbit mutant hybrid that rapes and kills everyone  he sees. You read that right. "Bunny the Killer Thing" comes to us all the way from the great white north of Finland. This indie movie or Finndie is one of the craziest movies we've ever seen. This highly offensive yet incredibly fun movie features unique and awesome kills, really good gore and practical effects, dark humor, and just pure absurdity.

Ep. 160 Head

April 15th, 2019

Puppets, puppets, puppets, puppets everywhere! That's right this week's listener suggested movie is the all puppet horror movie "Head". This is certainly the most unique movie we've ever done on the show. However, the uniqueness can only carry the movie so far and once the novelty wears off what we're left with is an underwhelming movie filled with untapped potential and missed opportunity. 

Ep. 159 See No Evil 2

April 8th, 2019

It's Wrestlemania time once again and the big red monster is back for a rematch. This week we're choke slamming the devil's favorite demon back to hell as we take on "See No Evil 2" in a no holds barred, last man standing bloody beat down. This 2014 slasher stars Kane and horror icon Danielle Harris and features the worlds emptiest hospital, horribly irresponsible medical practices, and disappointing kills. 

Ep.158 Amok Train

April 2nd, 2019

All aboard Moon Goons, and get ready for one hell of  a ride. This week we're taking a ride on the "Amok Train". This late 80's horror movie is a crazy off the rails movie watching experience, that features rock clacking occultists, decapitations and a magical mystery possessed train. It also has surprisingly great kills and gore effects, but the actors seemed to have missed their train to acting school. Don't miss this off the rails episode and remember Amok just don't give a Fuck.