Horrible Horror Podcast

A podcast about the worst of the worst in horror movies. Movies so bad they’re scary, we watch ‘em so you don’t have too.

Ep.131 Night of the Demon

June 3rd, 2018

This week things get a little hairy as we go deep into the forest to hunt Bigfoot and take on "Night of the Demon". This early 80's film may be one of the worst movies ever made, especially from a technical aspect. The movie is so dark that half the time you can't see what's going on and the other half of the time you can't hear what's being said. Let's not forget the off the charts abysmal acting, ear piercing sound effects, and a protaginest that is actually more of a bad guy than the killer Bigfoot. But. its not all bad this movie does feature some great gore and awesome kill scenes.